Unhinged (2019)

Hidden inside a semi-maintained basement is a cannibalistic monster named Jacob. His only contact with the world is through his brother Daniel, who keeps him fed and clothed while he shuts out anyone who tries to come close. 

Things go wrong when Daniel starts to neglect his duties.


Daniel          Daniel Beaumont

Jacob            Daniel Simpson

Emma            Emilie Martin

Production Bible


Writer/Director/Producers          Jianna Catbagan

                                                 Dakota Melvin

                                                 Josh Pevensie

First AD                                     Josh Pevensie

Director of Photography            Shane Marion
Camera Assist                          Thomas Larkin

                                                George Tsotsos

Lighting                                    Ashley Parker

                                                 Immanuel Ravi Arief

                                                 Alex Castello

                                                 Denis Maxwell

Production Designer                 Ellie Gonzalez

Picture Editor                            Ashleigh McClelland

Sound Designer                        Dakota Melvin